[Review] SE-0065 A New Model for Collections and Indices

Quick thought:

Why are you reaching for the "form..." rule for the mutating methods when

are clear verb counterparts?

location: locate

successor: succeed

We're not using successor(i) anymore, as noted below, and furthermore
c.succeed(&i) strongly implies the wrong meaning. I didn't consider

c. locate(...:&i ... )

primarily because I never thought of it and nobody suggested it IIRC,
but I also don't see how it would work in a family with
c.location(after: i) et al. Suggestions?

What is wrong with

c.locate(after: i)


Just to start with, it doesn't form a noun phrase.

Ah, my bad, I had completely missed the point of the problem (somehow thinking in the old model, not realizing that `c` is the collection and `i` to be mutated instead of `c`).

Yeah, in that case I totally agree :-)

Sorry for the noise...



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