Review Scheduled: Standard Library Preview Package

The standard library preview package proposal is set to run Monday Sept 23...Monday Sept 30. I'll initiate the review thread on Monday.




@Adrift001 This is not the review thread.

I'm actually not really clear what this thread is, since I think it's the first of its kind. Will all review threads be pre-announced like this? Should these threads be immediately locked or is there some reason for people to post in them?

We made this change because we want the proposal authors to be prepared and notified that their proposals are now scheduled, otherwise we‘ll always see them surprised or complaining like it was a few times in the past.

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Okay, so if the intent is notification then consider if they should be pinned or locked. And probably mention the usernames of the proposal authors so they get Discourse notifications about the thread.


Good point. Since this is just an announcement with nothing to discuss (comments should be held for the review) we should lock these posts. I've locked this one.

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