[Returned for revision] SE-0406: Backpressure support for AsyncStream

The review of SE-0406: Backpressure support for AsyncStream ran from August 15...28, 2023.

Although overall feedback was positive about backpressure support and refinements to cancellation behavior, there was concern from reviewers about whether the functionality in this proposal with its present design was sufficient (or could become so) for their use cases. Having also received offline feedback along these lines, the language steering group has decided that the proposal will be returned for revision.

Thank you all again for your contributions to the Swift Evolution process.

Xiaodi Wu
Review Manager


Although having a proposal returned for revision can be a bit of a bummer, I hope @FranzBusch isn't discouraged. Improvements to AsyncStream are strongly desired (as demonstrated by the engagement in the pitch and review threads) and this proposal has a lot to like.

If I can be of any assistance in further refining it, Franz, just let me know.