[Returned for revision] SE-0376 (second review): Function back deployment

I think formalizing something along theses lines could have a huge impact on the trajectory and efficiency of discussions in this forum format.

I would love for users to discretize their opinions into a series of individual assertions so that other users can explicitly and publicly “agree” or “disagree” with each piece individually. This would be such an awesome bird’s eye view to have on the opinion space for any topic.

Really I think it could be a revolutionary approach to consensus building in every context (political, etc.), but if any community is gonna start the trend I think it would be likely to be us coders…

I just saw the opportunity to introduce this idea relative to this discussion, but this thing I’m talking about would be something to hash out in a different thread, so probably best not to respond much to this idea here in this thread.


I remember reading in the original proposal, under the future considerations section there were talks of type back deployment.

Is something like that still on the table at some point in the future? Being able to back deploy types would be completely game changing for SwiftUI adoption.

Back deploying types would be a complex project but it's definitely worth exploring. Coming up with a model for how these types would be handled at runtime and what kinds of restrictions need to be placed on them to ensure that the model is sound is the first step. I welcome anyone who wants to put some thought into that to start a discussion thread about the topic. I can't focus on it immediately but it something I want to flesh out eventually.

That's an interesting idea. Could this be done in a way that's not too elaborate for users to actually use? UI wise do you recon it should be line based? paragraph based? sentences based? arbitrary character range based? color coded? Also note the not so recent trend of not having publicly visible dislike statistics (YouTube) and in many cases even not having the dislike buttons themselves (this forum and many other places). I remember we used to have dislike buttons on many social networks but then they were removed, perhaps there was a good reason for that. In addition to that there's a tendency: posts having visible like (dislike) markers getting more likes (dislikes) over time, over-amplified compared to the case when those markers are not publicly visible.

Hi, can we avoid posting such meta-discussions on announcements? Users would be right to expect that they can subscribe to announcement threads without being pinged with everyone’s thoughts about “+1” buttons.