Requesting Assistance With: "Providing Access to Directories"

Hey Guys, I'm new to Xcode and swift as I've only just started to take a course in it. I am trying to develop a chatroom application which allows for file sharing with a button. (just as most chat applications currently do) I have added the exert of code from: " Apple Developer Documentation " and linked it to a button but I don't quite understand what I am doing. Can anyone provide some assistance? Any would be greatly appreciated as I am very new to all of this. Thanks in advance for any help provided in advance!

Since your question is really about the Apple frameworks and building iOS applications, and not strictly about Swift the language, it would probably be best to ask this on the Apple Developer forums, or other Internet sources like StackOverFlow.

Your question is also pretty open-ended and not really amenable to a quick answer. For one thing, what assistance do you need? What problems are you running into? Do you need a tutorial?

Have you looked at Internet resources for learning about iOS and application building, like the Ray Wenderlich site, or other resources for beginners?

I've tried to but there aren't a lot of sources, especially not videos and that is a preferred method of learning. I would love to find a tutorial. I was trying to implement the source code provided in the link but I was unable to. I simply want to be able to click a button, and an option appear which would allow for me to navigate to a path and select a file to share to a chat room, for example sending an image file to a group chat for all users to see. Any guidance would be appreciated, I only just discovered this site and don't know anything about where is best to post or such, full on noob trying to learn.

This site is really about Swift the language, which is used on Apple system, but also on Linux and Windows. It's really about the language. The use of the Apple frameworks and application building is not really the purpose for this forum.

Have you looked on YouTube? There are several video tutorials on iOS application development, and on MacOS application development.

The link you referenced assumes you already know about iOS application architecture, what an AppDelegate, SceneDelegate, etc., are and how they relate to your application. The link references to just snippets of code that have to viewed in a larger context. From your questions, it seems to me that you don't have enough background in building iOS applications to even be able to describe your issues and problems that could be solved. This site is not really about teaching how to build Apple applications. There are other resources that should be explored.

Honestly, that link assumes you already know swift and already know how to build an iOS app.

I recommend that you google "learn swift" There are lots of videos and courses and tutorials. You can come back to the chatroom app after you've learned a bit more.

Good luck.