Remove [tags] from titles?

Since some users can now edit thread titles, would it be a good idea to casually edit questions to turn [Tags] from titles into proper tags?

  • Tags in the title should disappear, let’s edit
  • Tags in the title should stay
  • Let’s leave it to the original poster

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I already do that since I got the rights to edit titles, but I don't touch threads created by site admins. We need to clarify the latter as well.

Please don't do that. As I mentioned the last time this issue was brought up, tags are not visible everywhere the subject line is.

This is something we want to fix, what are the specific examples of places where you find them missing?

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IIRC only on mobile on Categories page, which shouldn‘t be used as an argument for redundant tags in the titles. The only issue issue ist that sub-category metadata isn‘t visible there, but it is visible elsewhere like when you use Latest filter.