Recent improvements to the development documentation

Over the past few months, I've landed some changes to our documentation which I hope will:

  1. Make contributing easier: We have a new First Pull Request guide, Getting Started guide and an FAQ.
  2. Make finding and contributing documentation easier: We have a new documentation index that consolidates what we already have today. If you're adding entirely new documentation, please consider what kind of documentation you want to write first. It is likely to be easier on your readers if you separate out reference material ("here is a comprehensive description/spec of X") from how-to guides ("how do I do X") and explanations ("here is a high-level overview of topic X").
  3. Make it easier to understand the available external resources.

A big thank you to everyone who has reviewed the corresponding PRs and provided valuable feedback to improve the docs, as well as @HassanElDesouky for getting the ball rolling.

I am also working on a Compiler Architecture document which describes the compilation pipeline and different modes at a high level but that's not yet finished.

Once that's done, I do not have specific plans and I'm not taking documentation requests in the form of "could you please document X?" :sweat_smile:

That said, if you do file a bug report related to documentation (examples: SR-13254, SR-13373), I will try to take a look at it. If you're interested in contributing documentation, I'd be happy to review your PR and/or (before you even get to the PR stage) discuss ideas on how to structure new pieces of documentation on a particular JIRA.


@typesanitizer thank you for taking on this task and showing leadership through this. This is how the project improves: through the hard work and will of individual contributors.


This is really fantastic! These docs cover a ton of great techniques that I always knew must exist but just weren't documented, thanks for doing this!


I've been away from the project for quite some time now and I was thinking of coming back to contribute again, so I was just looking at the current documentation and I absolutely love it! Thank you all for this. :slight_smile:

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