Read bytes from `UnsafeMutableRawPointer` with unknow size

I'm trying to get an icon for an input source on macOS using

TISGetInputSourceProperty(inputSource, kTISPropertyIconRef)

It returns UnsafeMutableRawPointer and I'm having trouble converting it to something that can be rendered in SwiftUI. The plan was to construct Data from the raw pointer and then construct NSImage, but to construct the former, I need a size of the bytes, which I don't have.

What would be the proper way to solve this?

I'm on swiftlang-

You probably want this deprecated initializer on NSImage if you're using IconRefs: Apple Developer Documentation, you'd just cast the pointer to IconRef since that's just a typealias of OpaquePointer (Apple Developer Documentation)

I think it's more likely that you don't want to use IconRefs at all, but I don't know the specifics of what you're doing, and I'm also not terribly familiar with TISGetInputSourceProperty.

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This may help.


Thanks! Yeah, I ditched this initializer since it is deprecated, but looks like it's the only way to get there.