Quote as default reply?

(Jon Shier) #1

I find myself unable to follow threads when using the default Reply behavior, as said reply doesn’t quote the post I’m replying to. There’s no quote button either, so I’m forced to manually highlight part of the post if I want to grab context. Is there anything to control this? Reading threads without quoted material and just reply links doesn’t seem like a good experience to me.


I agree.

The “reply” button that is *part of* each post, ought to quote the entirety of that post.

(Marco S Hyman) #3

Preferences -> Interface: Enable quote reply for highlighted text

Highlight the part you want quoted before hitting reply. That will get you part of the way toward what you want.

(Jon Shier) #4

I mentioned doing that in my original post.

(Tim Vermeulen) #5

Reply links can be expanded in-line, doesn’t this help when trying to follow a thread? I think quoting the entire post in each reply would lead to a lot of clutter.

(Alejandro Martinez) #6

I’ve actually seen a couple of threads where people was quoting entire posts and it’s a nightmare to follow. You keep scrolling down like a mad man.

I really like just replying, you can see what is replying to by clicking the reply button on the post, it expands the original one in a nice way.