Question about setting up development environment for SPM


I have a question about setting up the development environment for the Swift Package Manager. I have checked out the instructions on setting up and I’m a bit confused with the " follow the instructions provided here" which shows the setup for Swift. For those instructions in the Swift project, which parts are needed in order to start contributing to SPM. These are the steps that I have taken so far:

  1. Install cmake
  2. Install ninja
  3. Entered commands: mkdir swift-source && cd swift-source
  4. Entered commands: git clone
  5. Entered commands: git clone ./swift/utils/update-checkout --clone-with-ssh

Is there anything that I missed? Thank you and I hope to start my first contribution soon. 😀

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After performing the steps above this is what my swift-source directory looks like:

Is the project sturcture correct?

That looks right. Are you using the trunk toolchain snapshot? It helps by not needing to compile the whole Swift compiler.

I didn’t use the trunk toolchain snapshot. But i’ll use it as well

Swift is source compatible these days and its better to just use the trunk snapshot with latest (including beta) Xcode. The instructions are here: