Putting an app on the Android Play Store using Swift

Hi fellow swift devs,

About a month ago we put an app on the Google Play Store <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flowkey.app> that has a large component written in Swift (we think it was the first). This couldn’t have happened without the awesome work and enormous support of the Swift community, especially @zhuowei and @modocache, others including William Dillon for his work on the Raspberry Pi port, and various members of the Apple Swift team for answering questions along the way. I want to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to all of you for this here!

In order to give something back to the community, I wrote some posts about the experience with the hope of encouraging more to give it a try themselves. If you’re interested in the idea of using Swift on Android, I’d be delighted if you took the time (about 15-20mins in total) to read the posts and share / recommend them. Here they are:

1. Why we put an app in the Android Play Store using Swift <https://medium.com/@ephemer/why-we-put-an-app-in-the-android-play-store-using-swift-96ac87c88dfc#.g9ar12e50> (mostly non-technical)
2. How we put an app in the Android Play Store using Swift <https://medium.com/@ephemer/how-we-put-an-app-in-the-android-play-store-using-swift-67bd99573e3c#.v60v3peru> (more technical, with code examples)
3. Using JNI in Swift to put an app into the Android Play Store <https://medium.com/@ephemer/using-jni-in-swift-to-put-an-app-into-the-android-play-store-732e542a99dd#.s67rhrvrt> (very technical, first principles)

I’d be happy to answer any questions here or in the comments sections there. Have a great Sunday!

In gratitude,


we think it was the first

It’s not. https://blogs.remobjects.com/2017/08/03/elements-case-study-curacao-weather/

Not that it makes a big difference now but I’d argue RemObjects Silver is not exactly Swift. Also the post you linked was written over a year after the OP…


How so?

As the CEO of RemObjects I’m sure you’re aware of the differences. Silver seems like a nice tool, for some use cases a very nice one. I sincerely congratulate you on your achievements and successes so far! At the end of the day though it isn’t Swift, for us that meant it’s not what we needed in terms of semantics, performance, tooling, and library compatibility.

Sorry but I’m not interested in continuing this discussion here, I’d like to enjoy my weekend. If we ever meet in person I’d be interested in hearing your vision for the Elements ecosystem. Best regards