Providing the "-std=c++17" flag to a system library

I'm at the moment trying to package a C++ library in a way that it can be used with a SwiftPM project via C++ interop. I've got it working almost-perfectly, but the one remaining issue is that I have to specify the "-std=c++17" flag via the unsafeFlags CSetting in SwiftPM, which (as I understand it) prevents the package from being depended on. I tried adding this flag to the pkg-config file but I get warning: prohibited flag(s): -std=c++17.

On macOS, I can probably work around this by creating an xcframework that can be depended on, but on Linux IIRC the only way to depend on a precompiled binary at the moment is via systemLibrary.

Any advice on how to get this to work?

Does putting “requires cplusplus17” in the module.modulemap automatically update flags or will it just ignore the module if the flag wasn’t provided?

When I try that I just get an error:
error: module 'MyModule' requires feature 'cplusplus17'

You need to use the cxxLanguageStandard: .cxx17 in your package manifest. Note that it applies to the entire package and not a target

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This worked, thanks for always having the answer to my questions so quickly, Alex!

Interestingly, this works with both requires cplusplus and requires cplusplus17 in the module map.

The requires directives in the module map are only used to verify the language mode used by the Clang importer in Swift, it doesn't actually change the settings like whether C++ is enabled, or which standard is used.