[process] How is work on the codebase being tracked/coordinated?

I'm trying to learn more about the Swift project.

I think the evolution process is clear, instructive and educational. What is less clear to me is how the actual work to implement a feature is tracked and coordinated? Is this done via Jira? Or is this done somewhere else?

How do you/we/I know who is working on what? How do we track that a feature is ready for release?


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Swift Evolution proposals require an implementation before they go into review, so usually when a proposal is in review, most of the work to implement the feature is done already. Typically, proposals link directly to the PR that implements it, but sometimes the work is already staged in behind a feature flag. At the top of the proposal, there's an Implementation field that has this information.

Usually the proposal authors are the same people who implement the feature.

You can check back in on the proposal itself. The Status field at the top of the proposal should be updated when the feature is considered "done", and again when the feature makes it into a released version of Swift.


Thank you @hborla for the hints. It makes sense that development is closely related to the evolution proposals.

Are non tech work being tracked somewhere? Like documentation, website updates etc?

The documentation and website are not open source, so that work is not tracked in open source.

okok, thanks :slight_smile:

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Also, bugs.swift.org deserves a callout here. That's where most of the public non-evolution work gets tracked.

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