Problem with Numbers in Swift UI

i would like to print the following text trough the code and firebase.
For excample: Banana, 30
But the code dont let me to do this. The number can not be printet and Im not shure how this works.
Thanks for ypur help

  • You could put code in a triple tick mark
    like this
    And it will be rendered

    like this

    It's hard to deal with code in the image. You can't directly copy and paste into the Xcode and see what's going on, and not a lot of people develop enough skills to be able to debug with bare eyes.

  • I'd suggest that you're more specific about the problem. Does the code compile? What's the behavior you want? Even the word "print" can be ambiguous here since you can "print" to a View as well as "print" to a console, which requires different mechanism.

  • This question may be about SwiftUI (I don't know, I don't understand the question yet, and I won't be reading code-in-the-image). If that is so, I'd suggest that you ask over instead since it's a private Apple's framework.

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