Problem exporting a custom 2.2 toolchain

(Marcel Rebou├žas) #1

Hello everybody,

I've been trying to generate a custom toolchain from the version 2.2.1 to
use with Xcode 7. I download every repository needed to build, and set them
to the 2.2 branch (i.e. swift-2.2-branch).

Then, I used the command explained at the end of this thread:, to build and install the toolchain.

I can build just fine with "utils/build-script", however, when using the
command above with buildbot_osx, I end up with an error that seems to be
related to version consistency. My lldb, however, is also at the
swift-2.2-branch. The problems are shown in the images linked.

Any thoughts on how to fix/bypass this?