[Pitch] Typed throws in the Concurrency module

Oh yes, that's problematic indeed. That made me wonder if instead of limiting the API to the Failure type of self, it would be possible to do a type conversion on failure types as well; so instead of the proposed new map(_:) API

extension AsyncSequence {
  public func map<Transformed>(
    _ transform: @Sendable @escaping (Element) async throws(Failure) -> Transformed
  ) -> some AsyncSequence<ElementOfResult, Failure>

we could get back

  ) -> some AsyncSequence<Transformed, errorUnion(Failure, NewFailure)>

I'm not sure if the errorUnion(e1, e2, ..., EN) type function introduced by SE-0413 was actually meant to be usable in type expressions, but here it would be useful IMO[1].

Can't disagree on that either!

  1. As I understood it, the semantics of errorUnion were meant to be:
    (1) errorUnion(E, E) = E
    (2) errorUnion(E, Never) = E
    (3) errorUnion(E1, E2) = any Error where E1 != E2 ↩︎

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