[pitch] SwiftNIO based PostgreSQL client

(Nathan Harris) #21

Now that the Logging API has been accepted into Sandbox, with Metrics coming soon, we should probably discuss how and what we want to log.

(Nathan Harris) #22

To provide my perspective on logging, basing them off of the discussion on log levels between os_log and the logging framework:

The driver should only log to debug, or critical and higher.

(Tanner) #23

Is there any way to distinguish verbosity of debug levels? For example, I'd love to have an extra verbose debug level (think -vvv) where details about all incoming / outgoing postgres messages and how they are being parsed is printed. This would be helpful during development and tracking down bugs.

Besides that, I think replacing any existence of print("[ERROR] ...") with log.error(...) will be pretty straightforward.

(Nathan Harris) #24

The current logging API does define trace above debug

That seems appropriate for most of the "debug" logging we might want to do in the driver