[Pitch #4] SE-0293: Extend Property Wrappers to Function and Closure Parameters

Thanks, I’m already aware of the thread you’re talking about and the idea to give property wrappers static storage. The parser could handle additional arguments to the @propertyWrapper attribute. In any case, we’re moving the api explicit spelling to future directions.

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Sorry for taking so long to reply.

This is, in my opinion, better solved by init-based "API-ness":

Otherwise, I think users will end up being more confused with wrappers applying to different places. Furthermore, as discussed in updated proposal text, wrappers should be pretty similar to users. A wrapper author, however, should be aware of the differences when their wrappers are used in public API or when the wrapper deals with side effects.

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Yep that makes total sense as a design direction. No arguments from me!

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