Persisting @propertyWrapper arguments after decoding

I'm doing some experiments with @propertyWrapper. I've got a propertyWrapper that adds a "comment" to a variable on type Testing , to be accessed with the projected value.

When I decode Testing however, the comment gets lost (the property wrapper is required to have Codable conformance & there isn't a way to reference the comment in the init(from: Decoder) ) Wondering if anyone knows a way of keeping that comment when decoding the Testing type.

struct Comment<T>: Codable {
    private let comment: String
    var wrappedValue: T
    var projectedValue: String { self.comment }
    init(comment: String) {
        self.comment = comment
    init(from decoder: Decoder) throws {
        // something here?
    func encode(to encoder: Encoder) throws {
        // do nothing

struct Testing: Codable {
    let bar: String
    @Comment(comment: "Some comment for this variable.") // Would like the `@Comment` property wrapper to have this string ("Some comment  
    var foo: String                                      // for this variable.") in it when an instance of Testing is decoded.

The example is contrived, but it gets the issue across.

There's currently no way to achieve that without actually writing comment into the coded storage.

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