Performance issues with Foundation.Data


(Ben D. Jones) #21

There’s a lot of hard work going on in this direction and while I hear the complaints I do believe this moves us further in the direction we all want which is important.

(Jonathan Hise Kaldma) #22

Thanks! I'd missed that.

(Charles Srstka) #23

Holy cow. I know I'm late to discover this, having stepped away from the bleeding-edge of Swift for a few months due to needing to prioritize some other things for a bit, but thank you for this. Thank you thank you thank you. :+1:

If either of you two guys are ever in Chicago, I will totally treat you to pizza and drinks. :slight_smile:

(Itai Ferber) #24

Happy we were able to help move the needle here in an appreciable way. :slight_smile: