Paywalled! the only tutorial out there on how to use Swift on AWS EC2

the past couple of days, i’ve been trying to figure out how to deploy a basic hello-world swift-nio server on AWS EC2 (not AWS lambda).

you would think that with a framework as important as swift-nio and a platform as popular as AWS EC2 that there would be tons and tons of resources out there on how to do this! and yet, i could only find a single tutorial from on how to use swift-nio with EC2, and it is paywalled.

at this point, i have two pretty major questions.

  1. why does the swift-nio project not provide any educational resources for what is probably, one of the most common use cases of swift-nio?

  2. how is server-side swift ever supposed to be taken seriously, when there is only one resource available on how to use it on EC2, and it is paywalled?

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that’s exactly what i was looking for! clearly i need to work on my googling skills, as that did not show up in the first 3 pages of "swift-nio aws ec2"


If I were you I would look at creating a docker image and then deploying on EC2 with Elastic Beanstalk. It massively simplifies the deployment, scaling and upgrading of instances and allows you to debug things locally within a docker container. It becomes a pain if you find a linux specific issue and then you have to open up SSH ports on your VPC to remote in, it's much easier to just run the docker container locally and debug that way.

We have been using this in a production level app for the past 3 years and it's been a great choice for us.

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CC @server-work-group , in more and more cases I find that by now a lot of the work to get something working has actually been done — yet, it seems missing from Google/DDG :sob:.

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Yeah… the GitHub repo is not findable at all… we have some hopes to get to something better someday. It definitely is an issue actively in our focus.


Maybe should host some how-tos. Instead of spreading them over many Github repos.

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while i am still skeptical on the idea of a “governing foundation” for swift, one place to start might be to put such an organization in charge of the website. that domain is massively under-utilized, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is taking any real responsibility for it at the moment. @Klay @Max_Desiatov

link: Why doesn't Swift have a governing Foundation?