Packages page on relevance of a "Persistence" or "Databases" category?

That’s absolutely it! The only manually curated part of that page is the Community Showcase, where packages are nominated by the community and voted on by the members of the SWWG.

All other lists are taken from a keyword list, which as you said is not SPI editorial but package authors self-selecting their tags and our (transparent) algorithm giving every package a score.

I'm afraid within the context of adding this list to, that's the entire scope of what's possible. Mixing techniques and introducing new ones is interesting, but not something I have time to do right now.

We also think it's the start of a slippery slope for SPI to get into editorialising package recommendations. This is the main reason I excuse myself from voting on the Community Showcase, even though I am a member of the SWWG. Reaching out to package authors to suggest that they change their tags to get in a list is beyond what I’m comfortable doing. I regularly raise PRs to fix various bits of package data when I see things that are not quite right, but not where that would lead to a package being featured on

Happy to take discussion of which keyword fits best, which you can preview with our search. Keywords are listed on the right hand side: