Package Manager failed to build c++ & objectiveC++ & Swift mixed package

I have a Swift Package, which contains C++, ObjectiveC++ and Swift code. It can be compiled under the previous version of XCode 11.0, MacOS 10.14.6, but it can't be compiled after updating to MacOS 10.15, XCode 11.1. I hope someone can help me to find a solution, thanks!


Hey. I am not exactly sure what caused this regression but please file a JIRA at It seems like the block.h file from your cpplib is conflicting with Block.h in the SDK. I was able to compile your package after renaming it to something else.

@Aciid thanks for your workaround. It works for me. Since open get a "502 Proxy Error", I will file a JIRA later~

Hi, I have been filed a JIRA at:

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