Override build settings of a remote swift package

Hi, can Xcode override build settings of a remote swift package? Like target OS, supported platform or build flags like excluded architecture?

More specifically, KingFisher swift package version 6.x.x is not compatible with Xcode 13 (probably because it dropped armv7?). Even though KingFisher have a workaround but I wonder if Xcode main project could have the power to override some settings? I understand that there can be source code compatibility concerns but that is up to consumer to deal with if that happens.

I don’t think so. You may have to fork the repository on GitHub instead and try submitting a PR. You can add your fork as a dependency.

You may also want to check out Nuke as an alternative if Kingfisher seems abandoned.

Thanks for your reply. They didn't Abandon the library support and have a fix available but I was just wondering if it is possible for Xcode to override such settings. Perhaps it is a stupid desire