Ongoing work on differentiable Swift

I'd like to highlight some of the patches that have gone in over the last year, in a few different categories. Hopefully this will illustrate the work being put in to refine and extend differentiable Swift. I apologize upfront if my categorization of the patches is imperfect, this is just a quick grouping of them.

To start with, these are some of the patches that have corrected numerical inaccuracies in gradients:

Slava Pestov's incredible work on the Requirement Machine exposed some existing issues in the differentiable Swift implementation and pointed the way to solving them:

Differentiable Swift interacted with debug info in some unexpected ways, and much of that has been fixed over the last year:

There have been overall improvements to design:

And finally, general stability improvements:

There are plenty more pull requests than those I've mentioned here, but I wanted to at least start with an overview of the work that has been happening lately. Again, thanks to everyone who has been contributing to the ongoing refinement of differentiable Swift.