OneTap: iOS Keyboard Assistant

As an iOS Dev I find myself constantly saving saving articles / resources to view / read later. I also find myself wanting to code on the move.

So I created an app available on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, called OneTap. OneTap essentially brings Keyboard Shortcuts to your keyboard so that you can quickly view / share the content you've saved to your keyboard shortcuts.

With OneTap, you can even use ChatGPT on your devices keyboard. I use it all the time to help generate code when I'm on the move and then I usually save that code to a keyboard shortcut to use for later. I also save articles I see on a daily basis in OneTap so when I'm ready to view that content i can tap a keyboard shortcut to view it.

My favorite thing is using OneTap on the Mac though. With Siri Shortcut integration you can quickly grab any content you saved in OneTap and paste it any where. Not to mention you also get access to ChatGPT whenever you need to.

If you remember Alfred, OneTap for Mac is that on steroids.

I figured I'd share the tool here if any dev here might find it useful.

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