Official Swift Colour

This is a non-programming related pitch—and might be trivial to some—but one that has been on my mind occasionally.

I always wonder what shade of orange to use for Swift-related projects. Has a consensus been established that #F05138 (in sRGB), the colour used in the logo on, is the official Swift colour? "Swift Orange", for lack of a better name?


Moved to Using Swift because it wasn’t related to evolution. :+1:

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Understandable, but Using Swift isn't really fitting either.

It should be Seeing Swift, really.

Also: I'm probably wrong, but I was gonna say that maybe the Swift orange is the same orange used for the mute switch on iPhones and for the lock switch on iPods.

i thought that just meant my phone was water damaged

Oh, I hadn't considered that. Was the water resistance of the Apple Watch and the most recent iPhones implemented in Swift, then?


i guess!1! i have the X and it has the orange thing on the ringer button