Oct 27th, 2022 Special Update

We are happy to announce that Franz Busch (@FranzBusch) from Apple will be taking over Fabian Fett (@fabianfett) seat.

Franz is part of a team driving core Swift server libraries at Apple. He has been involved with the Swift and Swift on Server efforts for quite some time. His most recent contributions include concurrency bridges for NIO-based systems, contributing to APNSwift, and mentoring the swift-kafka GSoC project. Before Apple, Franz led the mobile platform team at Sixt where he drove the adoption of grpc-swift and mqtt-nio.

Fabian is slightly refocusing his role at Apple and will continue to work on Swift server and participate in our community. I would like to take the opportunity and thank Fabian for his leadership and advancing the state of Swift on Server.

Welcome Franz, and thank you Fabian.


Thanks Fabian and hello Franz!

I've been working with both for quite some time now and really looking forward to seeing Franz's positive impact on our workgroup in the future! :partying_face:


Thanks for the introduction @tomerd! I am really looking forward to work with the SSWG and the larger Swift community to drive the Swift on Server ecosystem forward!

Also a big thank you to @fabianfett for all his work over the past years!


Congrats @FranzBusch! I‘m sure you‘ll do great.