Objective-C to Swift conversion related issues

Hi all,

I am facing 1 issue while converting any objective-C file to Swift. After converting it to swift, I have to update the class manually in all the XIB files where that class has been already used, otherwise app is crashing with error "This class is not key-value coding compliant for the key 'key_name' ".

Is there any way to update the class in all the files in one go?

  1. Have a clean state in source control
  2. Make one change
  3. See what's been change in source control (I'm using source tree, it'll show differences in all files including xib's)
  4. Once you figured what's been changed and how - open your xib's in some text editor (e.g. BBEdit) and do the relevant changes manually in other files.

Or just do it one by one as you currently doing, unless you are talking about 100's of files.