[:o)] Live well and prosper

Hi Chris!
maybe a bit late, but I wish you all the best++ in your new position !!!!!!!
Very interesting company I think, have fun and ignore the [some words
out of range removed here] utter nonsense that some have written!
It is your life, not theirs, follow you heart and interests, be yourself!
Yes, you can!

I am satisfied with how Swift is now, thanks to you and the Swift team.
It is excellent, I use it for iOS, macOS and TVOS.
it has everything I need. Currently I needed to “revert" to C++ because I am currently
interested in micro controllers (R Pi, BlueFruit M0 (Bluetooth BLE with iPad app) , RX63N) and
lots of time for it. Yes, one can do crazy things when retired :o) I never get bored.
C++ ;;;;;;; needs a bit of discipline, but in principle any PL is as good
or bad as the programmer using it., I can write unbelievable sh.. in about
any language you give me, even in Swift :o)
My favourite PL is still Smalltalk, I’ve tried to think about merging static language(s)
like Swift with dynamic Smalltalk, but I have the impression those worlds are too
far apart?..i could be wrong here. I could write a lot more about this, but this is out-of-context in
SwiftEvolution I’d say. But the future is interesting, however,
let us remain with hope because there are again elections in the US
in 4 years, yeah maybe even sooner i hope :o)
If you’d ever land in Speyer I’ll buy you a beer (or two)!
Kind Regards