NYON: Free & Open Source Game

Hello all! Wanted to jump in the forums and bring forward what I started working on the past few days and plan to keep working on far into the foreseeable future. NYON is a totally free & open-source game written almost entirely in Swift. The goal with this project is to push the Swift Programming Language forward in modern desktop/cross-platform applications. This project aims to implement GLFW and Vulkan using Swift almost entirely for the programming language. I hope to have this project be an amazing addition to the Swift community and hope it helps push Swift as a replacement for C++ for desktop applications. As of right now the idea is to target all 3 major desktop platforms (macOS, Linux/Ubuntu, Windows) for native support. We plan to use Swift Package Manger for all compiling and this includes compiling for windows. If you are interested in helping on the totally open-source project please let me know! Much :heart:

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