NSFetchedResultsController usage with new SwiftUI, DiffableDataSource, Combine

I'm just wondering how NSFetchedResultsController can be used with new APIs (SwiftUI, DiffableDataSource, Combine) with all its advantages, such as batchSize and without additional diff overhead, and the need to iterate over all objects, since the list can be really very large?


This session will answer all your questions Making Apps with Core Data. Video isn't available right now, but should be in a couple hours or at some point today. Video is now available.

From what I remember you will be able to use Core Data with DiffableDataSource and Combine. But I don't think NSFetchedResultsController works with SwiftUI, at least not with a List. Better double check that though once the video is up.

Thanks for the link.
I’ve watched the video but still have some questions. Let me play a little bit and then I’ll wright my thoughts

This is really a more appropriate question for the Apple developer forums.