November 9th, 2022

Attendees: @tomerd, @FranzBusch, @ktoso, @0xTim, @davmoser, @tachyonics, @patrick, @kmahar

Action Items

carry overs


  • all SSWG to review/respond on distributed actors cluster proposal thread if you have input.
  • all SSWG to review proposed Swiftly README
  • @ktoso to set up an out-of-band SSWG meeting to discuss logging/tracing APIs and send out some relevant reading ahead of time.
  • @tomerd and @patrick to work out moving Swiftly to swift-server org and getting CI setup
  • @patrick to post on the forums about issue with regex + --static-swift-stdlib
  • @0xTim to file issues in swift-docc repo around features Vapor would need to fully adopt it


  • @ktoso: Distributed tracing
    • Still some API design questions to work out. SSWG input would be helpful; we will have out of band meeting for this.
  • @patrick: swiftly
    • Development is progressing; after current PR to add use command goes in we will have a working Linux MVP
    • Plan to move repo and make repo public soon once we have the README in.
  • @davmoser: how to get a blog post on Would like to write one about Swift AWS SDK.
    • Answer: there is website governance published which includes a section on blog posts and how to submit a post to the website workgroup
  • @patrick: Swift 5.7 regex support on Linux. Using this for swiftly and have run into a couple issues:
    • The -enable-bare-slash-regex flag is always required even when not using the bare slash syntax. @tomerd: this will be fixed in a forthcoming release.
    • Does not work with --static-swift-stdlib: @patrick will start a forums post about it.
  • @FranzBusch : attended documentation work group meeting this week
    • discussion was around how to meet the needs of various packages in the community with DocC
    • Vapor has rather complex documentation needs; solving for these would likely cover the needs of many packages in the ecosystem. @0xTim will file issues on Vapor's needs
  • @FranzBusch : has anyone been using/trying to use swift-service-lifecycle with structured concurrency?
    • this library was designed in an EventLoop based world and some of its functionality may now be obsolete due to concurrency features.
    • some of its features e.g. signal trapping are still valuable.