November 25th, 2020



  • Round of introduction
  • [Action] Come up with checklist for new and departing members (remove/give access from private area, etc)
  • 2021 Goals
    • Tim
      • Tools and integration
        • Github (Actions and beyond)
        • Depedendabot
        • Snyk
      • Extending the DB options
        • Cassandra
        • Kafka
    • Johannes
      • Good progress on getting off the ground libraries
      • Tooling
      • Documentation and
      • Write-up about concurrency and how to adopt it in server side
      • Giving users of Swift-Server more voice on workgroup
    • Konrad
      • Actors and distributed ssytems
      • Metrics across the ecosystem
      • Docs
    • Kaitlin
      • Gather data from the community and publish a report on how people are using it, what they need
      • Docs and examples, getting started guides
      • Replacing / refactoring parts of C programs with Swift (Mongo, Cassandra, Amazon, etc): Guide on how to best interop between C and Swift, what is needed by the C APIs, what the C program should manage and what should be left to the Swift layer
    • Todd
      • Making it easier to adopt Swift, democratizing the process. Bring this closer tho the kind of experience you get with Arduino.
      • Focus on the users
    • Logan
      • Concurrency
    • Gwynne
      • Simplification of Vapor APIs: Concurrency, less closures
      • More focus on other platforms like Windows and WASM
        • Windows: Both for the development and deployment
        • WASM: functions on the edges
    • Peter
      • Quality: Make everything we made good
      • Help with knowledge “cliff”, guides only help with first few steps, nothing in the “middle”
    • Tom
      • Concurrency
      • Package collections
      • Package manager
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