November 1st, 2018

(Johannes Weiss) #1


Docker (report from Ian)

  • Ian sent out message to forums regarding options
  • Ian will reach out to existing owners regarding relicensing
  • potentially MIT or dual-licensing might be an option too (Ted reaching out to lawyers)
  • Docker effort seems to have a 'core group', Ian will reach out to one more person mentioned there

Logging (Johannes)

  • first API proposal is with Apple lawyers
  • Tom to create the repo and share with SSWG members
  • Johannes to push initial proposal into that private repo

Forum Categories (Ted)

  • Server will become a top-level entity because Discourse has nesting limits
  • Ted meets with Nicole to make it happen
  • existing content will be moved
  • Ted will ask Nicole to send the suggested layout of the categories etc to SSWG and we can then have a look before it goes live

Cloud Workshop (Tom)

  • Tom will share slides (still WIP) through Keynote iCloud

More rapid iterations Foundation/Dispatch on Linux (Ted)

  • pain point for server: need more frequent releases of fixes in Foundation/Dispatch on Linux
  • slow releases can also deter contributors
  • a couple of options can be explored (such as being separate packages)
  • pragmatic option for right now: existing model but Ted is open to do more frequent releases (for 4.2 and 5 once out), suggested: monthly releases
  • there are also questions about the responsiveness of the teams too
  • Ted reports from meeting with Johannes yesterday: Q: can compiler/stdlib etc be released more often? A: at the moment Apple doesn't have a mechanism to do continuous delivery of toolchains etc. It would also very hard to do: Large amount of work goes into qualifying a compiler release, stdlib is tightly coupled with compiler, sync with Xcode releases, etc. Maybe for SwiftPM? Ted will discuss with the SwiftPM team but there might also be ramifications regarding compatibility with Xcode release
  • Ted: Apple doesn't have a mechanism to ship more rapid updates
  • Ted: one problem with more frequent releases of whole toolchain: if we shipped toolchains faster on Linux, we'd get more asymmetries across the platforms which might not be beneficial for the community
  • option for now seems to be to start with Foundation which has a separate code base on Linux, therefore the asymmetries would only be reduced by releasing faster
  • Ian says the issue of slow releases resonates and gives example: merged a URLSession fix yesterday to 4.2 branch and now it's unclear if there'll be a 4.2.2 or if that'll only land in Swift 5 (which is still quite a few months out)
  • Ted willing to do monthly releases
  • Ian: versioning concerns, what happens if Linux-only release gets released? Would it be possible to release empty (as in no changes) Mac toolchain too with same version number as the Linux one?
  • Ted: could probably make an 'empty' Mac release with same new version number as Linux; any potential fallout can be dealt with when it becomes an issue
  • Ian: this is a good option short term; longer term packages would be better but it's understood that this causes major amounts of work for Apple
  • Ted: LSP will be a separate package but will use stuff from Swift toolchain. Model there is to develop more independently but will work with Swift from master as well as latest released version. LSP is mentioned an example for a more SwiftPM package driven development model