No such module importing framework into pod module


I have a framework that’s installed from a local pod spec, I also have a pod module that needs to import this framework but I get a no such module. I believe the paths are all fine as I can import the framework in a swift file that’s not in a pod module. I can however can import other modules that are module mapped in the module I want to import the framework.

Is it possible to make this framework available to any module ?

Not really had to deal with this Scenario before :relieved:
Thanks !

There is no way anyone can help you if you don't post a link to your project.


Thanks, the project does not have a repo, it's just some local dev with some else's library - I did get it to compile for debug but setting the target membership of the framework to the other module. Issue is now i get a Cannot find type ''some var" in scope when building for release (works in debug).

The architect is arm64 for debug and release ( change it from arm7, arm64 standard arch's etc ) so i am not really sure what the issue is as iOS > 11. Guess more searching


Or you could upload the project somewhere and post a link so that someone else can actually help you.