No such module error when module is loaded

I restarted Xcode too, no help

trying to use GitHub - sindresorhus/KeyboardShortcuts: ⌨️ Add user-customizable global keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to your macOS app in minutes

Did you add the package under framework and libraries under your target?

where can I check that?

are my targets if I get you right

You click on local-code-copilot and on the first page (General I think; I’m not at my pc), you scroll down to the „Frameworks and Libraries“ section and check if the package is visible there. If not, you press the small plus below the list where the package should be and add the package’s target (the symbol with your package name that looks like a Greek temple) from there.

Did not help

You added the package to your test target. Remove it from there and add it to the first target in the list. The one above the currently selected one.

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Thank you, that worked :heart: