Nice-to-haves in the Swift documentation and my little “Swift Guide”

Besides the very good Swift book and other important links on the documentation page me and some other people think that there is missing some advanced insights, more about the intentions (why are some things the way they are in Swift, e.g. why a number overflow lets the program crash with the standard operators, that is different from Java or C#), and an introductory overview over many different things around the language itself (e.g. what is semantic versioning, how do you visualize the dependencies for a package).

I have put together a little “Swift Guide” for the people I work together on some Swift things and who might be new to Swift. I initially did not have the intention to advertise it any further, but maybe it might be useful to find some of the things you might want to see in some convenient and easily accessible form in the official Swift documentation, so here it is.

Of course, I (and others) should then help to make the documentation better on (as obviously such a separate guide is only the second best solution) — yes, a good idea (in due time), but I also think some other people have much more insights e.g. about the intentions.

Please also note:

  • Some topics are maybe a little too detailed, e.g. infos about how to avoid the installer for Windows (some people or organisations prefer the “portable” way).
  • …speaking of Windows: no updated info for Swift 5.8 yet in this guide.
  • The language might be a bit strange at some places as many parts are automatically translated from German.
  • And last but not least there might be errors, in part because I am not an “expert” on some of the things I listed.