Next steps for the Swift Server work group

(Ted Kremenek) #1

As announced at try! Swift New York City, the Swift Server work group is now entering a new chapter in its evolution. With the release of SwiftNIO and it’s subsequent adoption by popular Swift web frameworks, Kitura and Vapor, the group is now ready to take on new tasks. It’s time to focus on defining and creating a set of libraries and tools that are focused on developing and deploying server applications written in Swift.

The @core-team thanks the members of the @server-work-group for spearheading this effort.

Read more about the new focus on the updated Swift Server work group page.

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(Amir Abbas Mousavian) #2

I have an open pull request in Swift Server repo which allows parsing and setting HTTP Headers in a safe swifty way. I'm not sure if you mean these kind of tools or not.

(Paul Solt) #3

It was great to meet part of the team at try! Swift NYC 2018!

Thank you for involving the community!

(Tanner) #4

The work group is deprecating the current code at A good portion of the code there has been replaced by SwiftNIO and remaining parts should be reconsidered. For example, things like safe HTTP header access should be added against SwiftNIO's base HTTP types instead.

We are hoping to start a discussion soon (in this forum, EDIT: Server work group, new focus areas) about which packages the community would like to focus on first and a new process for creating those packages. Once that is all decided, I think these deprecated repos will prove valuable as reference material for future discussions.

The READMEs on those repos will be updated soon to reflect their status.

(Amir Abbas Mousavian) #5

Thanks @tanner0101

Indeed I've emailed @lukasa and he said this should be introduced as a third-party library as it does not need access to internals. I was curious that this kind of addition does fit in new goals or not. Thans for the link of new focus area.