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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some advice on how to go about creating an add-on to a game running in OSX to parse real-time numbers into graph formats for people to see the cumulative numbers of themselves and those around them in what's commonly known as a DPS-Meter. I'm wondering if swift is the right language for this, and if so/not so which direction I should go in to learn more.

Thanks for any insight you have to offer!


Would you have some example input and output?

Sure. In the game there is a combat log which has the skill name followed by the damage it’s done and a coloured text to signify what type of damage was done.
For example, “Air hit BadGuy for 12,424 with Meteor shower.”
This would go on for any tick of damage or healing received or given. All the information is text based and I assume there’s an output file or something similar within the game where I can collect this data from to reorganise :)

Sure, you can do this in Swift.

Unfortunately, regular expression handling is not yet a strength; you're pretty much limited to the old NSRegularExpression system, which isn't that great. There's nothing you can't do, it's just a clunky API.

There are some good tips here for making it easier.

I'm happy to deal with it being clunky so long as when its done it performs accurately and at least as effeicently as a different language as far as system memory being taxed etc. I'll look into that expression system and give it a shot. Thanks!

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