Native Linux Swift installer packages (RPMs, Debs) for Swift

Hello @mishal_shah and @ Tom Doron.

Myself Mohit, a junior undergrad at VIT Bhopal, India. I am excited and interested to work on Native Linux Swift installer packages (RPMs, Debs) for Swift to create and deliver High quality RPM and Debian packages for Linux users. I myself am a Linux user and enthusiast that's why the category "Swift on Linux and Server" generated interest in me. Downloading a .deb(for Ubuntu or Debian) or .rpm(for fedora or red-hat) would reach a lot more people as a lot of Linux distributions pull from Debian. This would also make installing very easy. (No curl command, directly sudo apt install swiftlang).

I went through the project description and the GitHub repository of the RPM and Debs for Swift and honestly I am still a beginner in software packaging for Linux but I have been using and getting familiar with how package managers work on Linux for a while and this got me proficient with scripting languages mostly Python and Bash. I have started learning Swift and currently I am having some fun with it. It surprised me how fast, easy to maintain and readable Swift is. My objective is to learn, learn a lot and again learn a lot for this project.

I want to know more about how the current prototype works and what it is lacking of as of right now. This would help me in researching about possible solutions.

Thank You

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I would point out that in the official Fedora repository there are already high quality RPMs for Swift. One needs to simply do dnf install swift-lang and they are off to the races.

Source for those RPMs can be found here Overview - rpms/swift-lang - Many thanks to @Ron_Olson for keeping that up to date.

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Thanks Ryan; getting 5.6 going now for deployment. Also, Swift is available in the EPEL-9 repo already so it’ll be there on day one when RHEL 9 is released. :)


Thanks @rlovelett for the link and clearing on what specific tasks I should focus more on.

I am familiarizing myself with the git repository of the concerned project and yes the RPMs for Swift on Fedora are already high quality. This will help me understand how to package those RPMs for other systems.

Any docs or forums on where I should start to begin building RPMs or Debs are welcomed. :)

I would recommend @futurejones repositories.


Thanks @futurejones.

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is the only focus on Linux for this gsoc-2022 project or also to bring Swift on other today not supported OS?

with regards

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Hi @bastie thanks for reaching out. The focus of this project is on the installers (packages) and making them as generic as possible so that that they can be installed on as many distributions as possible. To achieve this goal, there may be some changes to the way Swift itself is built, but that would be a side-effect of the project rather than its focus.

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Hello @tomerd @MohitOhlyan Do this project still need some work because I'll be happy to work on this

Absolutely that would be awesome: swift-installer-scripts/platforms/Linux at main · apple/swift-installer-scripts · GitHub

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That's great! Let me get started with this.

Hi Tom, So I have made the control file and I think It works fine on my Debian GNU/Linux bookworm. Where can I upload the package/ generate the PR?
And I'd like to check if its working fine so can you share link to some examples of swift?

Can you look into this?