My CLI tool Prism - is now available on Windows :)

The project cross-compiles, has a dedicated CI workflow in GitHub Actions, and works quite well including building the executable as part of the CI process. Couldn't have done it without @compnerd's assistance :)

Check it out if you're curious:


Hey, thanks for sharing, this is awesome! I've been wanting to play around with a GitHub Actions setup for compiling on all platforms, but one thing I couldn't quite figure out was how to to ask GitHub Actions to run a X64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019 (in order to copy over the Support Files). Is this line from your from your windows.yml the thing that does that? I'm still not quite seeing how it happens since later on in your windows.yml, it says that you're running a shell: cmd. Thanks for any advice you can give on that @freak4pc.

Hey! I actually used Saleem's sample project. It uses this action to set up the environment:

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This is awesome! I just added a Windows CI to PythonKit using that GitHub Action. Hope to see swift test coming to Windows soon! :smile:

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