Misleading error message: `'case' label can only appear inside a 'switch' statement`

Since case case be used in an if statement, not to mention when defining an enum, the error message 'case' label can only appear inside a 'switch' statement seems incorrect to me and I'd like to file a JIRA ticket if no one has already. I'm not sure what the error message could changed to, though.

enum Enum {
  case aCase
  case anotherCase

let value = Enum.aCase

if case .aCase = value {
  print("a case")
} else {
  print("another case")

You can clearly see from the above example that the case keyword can appear outside a switch statement.

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The message is correct as written.

A label is something that ends with a colon (:). A case label can only appear inside a switch statement.

The message says nothing about where the case keyword can appear. Obviously, the keyword can be used elsewhere without switch, such as inside the declaration of an enum.


I'm curious about what code produces that error message.