May 12th 2021

Attendance: @0xTim, @tachyonics, @johannesweiss, @tomerd, @kmahar, @varland

Carried over from the 28th of April

@varland will continue to nudge AWS guide author
@0xTim is still looking into cloud guides for Azure
@0xTim MultipartKit is almost done (proposal will be submitted soon)
@tomerd is still working on package collection
@johannesweiss to reach out to Helge regarding Slack
@ktoso to continue discussing GitHub Actions with Moritz

Action Items

@johannesweiss will post 2021 update as is as a forum post and will work on shorter blog
@johannesweiss will create a forum post for survey questions
#everyone final look at security process new security guidelines & info by weissi · Pull Request #54 · swift-server/sswg · GitHub before vote next time
@johannesweiss will update security PR based on feedback
@0xTim and @tachyonics create awareness in framework communities about dropping 16.04 support
@0xTim to revisit evolution process language on major version releases and dependencies


Amazon Apple CarPlay example
Example is now is now live-


This application demonstrates a full-stack Apple CarPlay app that uses Swift for both the UI and the backend services in AWS. The app accesses Lambda functions written in Swift and deployed from Do...

NIO on Windows
@johannesweiss At least some work required for NIO on Windows
@0xTim Once every few weeks a request for Vapor working on Windows. Can point to Linux subsystem as a workaround
@0xTim Probably want this for completeness of the Server side Swift story
@tomerd Dig deeper into use cases - development vs. running on Windows
@johannesweiss Different configuration may be needed depending on where you are deploying
@0xTim May feed into the survey to understand use cases in the community

Hosting of Meeting Notes
@0xTim Will always a disagreement over Slack/Discord preference, should not be Vapor as it should reflect entire community. Swift Server Slack would be good

Guides Repository
@tomerd Can surface links to package index collections in our guides
@0xTim We shouldn't be in the business of maintaining package lists outside the SSWG one.

Dropping 16.04 Support
@johannesweiss Generally a desire to drop 16.04
@tachyonics smoke is in the process of removing CI for 16.04
@tomerd Means Swift project will stop publishing toolchains and docker images

Major version of releases SSWG packages
@johannesweiss Should mention migration guides as part of the evolution process language
@0xTim to make action item to update evolution process language on major version implications

Pitching Vapor and Smoke to SSWG
general agreement this makes sense given usage. Concern around dependencies
@0xTim do dependencies of SSWG packages themselves need to be SSWG packages?
@0xTim to take action item to update evolution process language on dependencies

Security changes implications for SSWG packages
@johannesweiss How do we handle changing requirements for SSWG packages? - will come up with updated security process
@tachyonics we have in the process the ability to revisit the levelling of packages if we consider they are no longer appropriate.
@johannesweiss this process is due to be done