Manifest parse error(s): 1 swift package (Exercism)

I am trying to configure Xcode and running tests(Exercism) ,error occurs at this stage:

execute swift package generate-xcodeproj


mac:hello-world ~$ swift package generate-xcodeproj /Users/~/Exercism/swift/hello-world: error: manifest parse error(s): 1 I tried to find a solution, so far without success.

Xcode Version 10.1 (10B61) mojave 10.14.3

swift tests swift builds

same error

exercism version 3.0.11 Your system is ready to brew.

Does anybody have some ideas? thanks in advance!

Sorry my bad! This is my first try.

I needed to run "swift package init --type library" first than "swift package generate-xcodeproj"

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