Macro Adoption Concerns around SwiftSyntax

Id really like it if this was possible (also for regular build-plugins)

I guess not bloating the toolchain size is the main concern here but embedding a separate version that actually is a exact copy could potentially work.

Do the bundled version and the package differ so much that keeping them aligned is not feasible?

I might be very wrong, but I think SSWG libraries aim to support the recent minor versions. I.e. before today that was 5.7 and up, and now that's 5.8 and up.

I think your point stands, for folks developing for Apple platforms / for the app store, yeah, you pretty much always target the latest version of the language.

It's not macro specific, but we're hitting this SwiftSyntax dependency issue currently because depends on swift-syntax version 508.0.1 which is preventing us from updating other dependencies in our project because their newest versions depend on 509.0.0