Looking for drawing help — maybe this is too complicated for me

I was about to start a project using Xojo but thought it would be fun to use it to learn Swift. I’ve been going through Swift tutorials but see that what I want to do is more specialized than anything I’ve found covered in basic language tutorials. I wonder if anyone else has a source of information that can help.

This Mac OSX project will provide some analysis of Keynote slides so I need to be able to draw a slide (or it’s representation) on the screen. I’m planning to cheat by calling AppleScript to unpack the elements on a slide, and I have the opinion that there are probably methods to draw any element to be found ona Keynote slide. But so far, all of my searches have taken me to code for drawing simple elements (point by point). Does anyone have examples of drawing layers of objects, texts, lines, and inserting images on some type of palette? I don’t have to deal with transitions or animation.

Best take this to the Apple Developer forums. Also, this is not a simple problem, and you will probably need to study the Apple documentation, sample code, and a lot of experimentation.

Thank you, Jon.
I'll see if they have any advice.

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