Lockdown Evolution/Announcement Evolution/Reviews

Would it be possible to restrict who can create topics in these categories to review mangers? It's not a HUGE deal, but it's slightly annoying for people who listen to these categories more closely to get notifications for threads that aren't really an announcement or review.

Evolution/Announcements is already locked down. Evolution/Reviews is more permissive, but I don't see any topics in there that look like they're not a review. Can you give me an example of a thread that you think shouldn't be there?

WelI, I already moved Add Optional.filter to the Standard Library - #21 by ethanjdiamond to pitches. Is there a reason reviews isn't locked down? Like I said, it's not a huge deal since we have regular user permissions to move things. It just strikes me as odd to have a category open when really only a select group of people should be able to start reviews.

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Yeah, I can lock that one down more. Announcements already is locked down.