Location of Network library?

Silly question, but where's the location of the Network library?

It used to be located in stdlib/public/Darwin (see old commit). Where's it now?

Some context: I'd like a dump of all the function signatures in the stdlib for a function recognition algorithm I'm working on

Many thanks for answering. One question though: what is the difference between Network and CFNetwork library?


what is the difference between Network and CFNetwork library?

Note All of the below relates to Apple platforms. If you care about non-Apple platforms, Linux and so on, let us know.

Network framework provides a low-level networking API. The ultimate goal is to replace BSD Sockets. The best high-level introduction is WWDC 2018 Session 715 Introducing Network.framework: A modern alternative to Sockets.

CFNetwork has two meanings:

  • It provides a public API that’s mostly deprecated (either formally or informally).

  • It also provides the core implementation of the Foundation URL loading system, including URLSession and the older, deprecated NSURLConnection.

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