LLVM monorepo transition happening on the week of 14th - 18th October


I would like to provide an update to the monorepo transition posts (https://forums.swift.org/t/llvm-monorepo-transition/25689 and https://forums.swift.org/t/llvm-monorepo-transition-update/27079) where I announced that Apple is working on the LLVM project monorepo transition for Swift, and posted links to the prototype monorepo that can be used with Swift.

Duncan (@dexonsmith), Mishal (@mishal_shah) and I are working on executing the transition before the LLVM Dev Meeting that is happening in two weeks. The final llvm-project-v3 monorepo prototype, which is currently being finalized, will replace the existing https://github.com/apple/llvm-project-v2 prototype. We are aiming to publish the llvm-project-v3 prototype monorepo by Friday, 11th of October.

The transition itself will happen next week, between the 14th and the 18th of October. It will involve a couple of steps spread across a couple of days, however, we will have one day (still TBD) when the main transition will happen. The transition day will look something like this:

We are not expecting any downtime for Swift PR testing. We will ask the individual contributors to rerun the update checkout script again after the transition occurs to ensure that their Swift checkout updates itself to use the monorepo.

I will update this thread when we will publish the finalized llvm-project-v3 prototype monorepo, and when we will determine what the actual transition day is. I’ll keep updating the forums throughout the transition day as well to keep everyone up-to-date on what the status is.


I would like to provide an additional update to this thread. Today, the following two new repositories have been created on github.com/apple:

The new llvm-project-v3 repository replaces the previous WIP downstream monorepo (https://github.com/apple/llvm-project-v2). The convention that's used for branches in the new repository is the same as in llvm-project-v2. If you've been using llvm-project-v2 for your work, please migrate to v3 before the end of next week. At the end of next week we'll stop updating llvm-project-v2, and will delete it the following week.

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